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The Alliance for Global Sustainability (the AGS) is a unique, international partnership between four of the world's leading science and technology universities:

Formally created in 1997, the AGS today brings together hundreds of university scientists, engineers, and social scientists to address the complex issues that lie at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social goals. Together, we seek to meet these challenges through:

  • Improving scientific understanding of global environmental challenges;
  • Developing technology and policy tools to help societies reconcile ecological and economic concerns; and
  • Educating of a new generation of leaders committed to meeting the challenges of sustainable development.
Since its inception, the AGS has pioneered a new research paradigm that brings together multi-disciplinary research teams from the partner institutions. Strong, local programs engage faculty, students and senior research staff from across their respective institutes. These research teams have developed a significant body of new knowledge on critical issues in sustainability in the areas of energy and climate, mobility, urban systems, water and agriculture, cleaner technologies, and policy and communications.