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Prize Money
  • University Teams (Nominations/Category/Overall Winners)
  • High School Teams (Nominations/Category/Overall Winners)
COP16: Team Delegates
The best project proposals for phase 1 submitted before November 1st will be awarded with scholarships to attend COP16 in Mexico. There will be 4 scholarships for 2 representatives from a winning university and high school team. There will be 1 scholarship for a staff member who will help with facilitating the group during the COP meeting.
Summer School: Thesis/Essay Participants
For thesis/essay participants there are scholarships for a summer school in one of the following locations:
  • PhD Thesis Winner: Tokyo
  • MSc Thesis Winner: Boston
  • BSc Thesis Winner: Zurich
  • High School Essay Winner: Gothenburg
We will award 2 fulltime scholarships for staff members of the project team based on CSN student support. A fulltime scholarship corresponds to ca. 8,000 SEK per month (or 40 hours manhours per week). Hours can be divided among several staff members.