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The charter for the strategic alliance N5T was signed by the five participating universities in November 2006. The charter is the starting point for a unique collaboration between the leading technical universities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.  The goal of the alliance is to utilize shared and complementary strengths and create synergy within education, research and innovation.

Within the spirit of the Nordic collaboration and on the basis of a shared educational tradition and culture, the N5T aims to become the check point for Nordic and international M.Sc. students in Engineering. The effort is in line with the Nordic Prime Ministers’ decision to focus on joint Nordic initiatives at this time of tougher international competition, and the idea of developing a "European Higher Education Area" as expressed in the Sorbonne and in the Bologna declarations. The N5T therefore encourages measures that support the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff.

The N5T ambition is supported by the establishment of common programs, by increasing horizontal mobility and by providing its students with a large portfolio of possible M.Sc. programs through the establishment of a shared recognition of degrees at bachelor level.

The chairmanship of the N5T alliance is rotating between the member institutions. Rector Matti Pursula from Helsinki University of Technology is chairman for 2008/09.

The member institutions are: